Development & Programming

Our work spans a broad range of all things web, from simple yet beautiful marketing websites, to flexible WordPress sites, to advanced custom database-driven applications. We develop complete solutions, and we help improve and enhance existing sites and applications, whether we built them or not.

WordPress development

WordPress has become the go-to content management system for a broad range of website applications. A flexible, powerful framework combined with a staggering array of add-ons, in the hands of a skilled development team it can serve a wide range of web needs. We’ve built, expanded and maintained many WordPress sites over the years, from simple theme-based sites to heavily customized systems.

We’ve established a set of tools, techniques and approaches that make our sites fast, flexible, secure, beautiful and a pleasure for our clients to use.

Framework-based and fully custom solutions

WordPress isn’t always the perfect fit. Sometimes a project requires specific data management, integration or security functionality that just isn’t ideal for WordPress. No problem – we are equally experienced in developing sites and web-based tools, using either frameworks like CodeIgniter or Laravel, or fully custom PHP/MySQL. While we try not to play favorites, we do have a soft spot in our hearts for custom code projects, where we have the opportunity to craft a perfectly optimized solution for a specific set of needs.

We take a modern approach to front-end development—fully responsive, mobile-adaptive HTML, CSS and Javascript/JQuery solutions.


We are experienced at researching, identifying and implementing an ever-expanding universe of third-party services including CRM, social media, e-commerce, geolocation, address lookup/verification, real estate leasing and availability tools and more. This enables us to cost-effectively bring a wide range of functionality and integration to our clients’ sites.

Notable clients

Since 2002 we’ve had the opportunity to work with a diverse, smart, and rewarding collection of clients and projects:

Apex Expeditions
Bellevue Montessori
CHOICE Advisory
Confluenc Data Systems
Confluence Project
Consolidated Restaurants
Contrail Bags
Debra Prinzing​/​
Effective Design
Electric Pen
The Final Score
MarketStreet Enterprises
Northwest SEED
Northwest Solar Communities
Parallel Public Works
Peter Pepper Products
Publicis Groupe
RMB Vivid
RWE Micro/Moldcareer
Russell Investments
Schack Art Center
Seattle Girls’ School
Sellen Construction
Shirts Across America
Snohomish County Arts Council
The Medium
University of Washington
The Wolff Company